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Matchmaker Carly Spindel Claims Flash Match NYC For $5,000

In a bold move to get established as the second generation matchmaker to all matchmakers, Carly Spindel develops and rolls out Flash Match NY for $5,000 with 4 introductions and $10,000 gets 10 introductions. Carly is offering to her preferred gentleman a $15,000 introductory rate with Flash Match NYC and gets you 18 introductions.

Carly’s private online client and member database has the most amazing, double screened and personally met women that are seeking a successful marriage minded man to be happy with for the rest of their lives.

Women members pay a one time $25 application fee and if approved, their credit cards will be charged. The next step in getting LLC

 into the private matchmaking world of Carly Spindel is to pay an additional one time $250 meet and greet consultation, to make sure the members are who they say they are. Now, those preferred members can update their match preferences on Carly’s private online member profile and become eligible to be part of Flash Match NYC.

When a client retains the services of Flash Match NYC, he updates his match preferences and the system suggests matches. This is how all online dating services work. The competitive advantage for Carly and why men pay for Flash Match NYC do it yourself online matchmaking is because Carly oversees all suggested matches by the system and sends the client her best match suggestions based on personally meeting each member.

Once the client makes his selections, the system sends each member he selected his private online client profile photo to see if they are interested in meeting him. When the member(s) say yes they want to meet this client offline for an introduction, Carly clicks once more and shares the clients and members private online preferred method of contact and an introduction(s) is made.

Carly launched Flash Match NYC in New York and LA with plans to roll out a national sales organization using technology and tenets from a time tested real live matchmaker.

Rhode Island Matchmakers

Rhode Island Matchmakers Service of Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel are retained by men for their $600,000 VIP matchmaking services. Together, they are responsible for 4,012 marriages. Men who are serious about finding the love of their life understand what it takes.

Janis is constantly meeting, interviewing, coaching and networking with the most fabulous women in the world. They all have beauty, brains, balance and a hot body. Janis sees women through the eyes of men. Her clients are men and the women she meets are members of her private database that only her and Carly have access to. After the women go through two screenings which include a meet and greet for $250 so the Spindel ladies can make sure the women are who they say they are.

From there, comes group coaching and individual coaching. Rhode Island Matchmakers wants every woman to be fabulous. She suggests creating a list of your best qualities and tape it to the mirror where you do you hair and makeup. That way, you can read it every morning and be reminded of how great you are.

Now put things in perspective. First, things are never as bad as you think they are. Secondly, things can always get better, especially if you work on it. These are two ideas you should live by, especially when you are on the search for a mate.

One thing to be aware of ladies, is men don’t complain, men don’t nag us and that makes a difference. Listen to the Yahoo Finance piece.

While the Covid 19 has restrictions in place, online dating is trending from texting too sexting. You can now listen to Amazon audio book on how Janis and Carly run their matchmaking boutique.

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