Philadelphia Matchmaking Services Founder Janis Spindel and her daughter Carly Spindel.

Champion Philadelphia matchmaking service of Janis Spindel commands $600,000 for her Celebrity VIP service. These VIP men are given the opportunity to find the love of their life, as Janis has over 3,700 marriages to date. When finding a man, Janis tells women that here are the top three things that women want in a man and most important is intelligence. Then comes a sense of humor and finally character and integrity.

Men like women who are connected with themselves. Janis tells women to get to know yourself. This is especially important if you have recently broken up with someone. Sometimes, especially after a bad relationship, you might have the tendency to lose site of yourself and your own needs. That’s particularly true when you have been in a relationship that catered to the whims of your partner. That is a real no-no by the way. Start spending time with yourself doing things that you like to do. You’ll learn that being involved in things you enjoy can be a great way to meet new men. One of Janis’ famous and most successful quotes is “from women come new men.”