Chicago luxury matchmaking service of Janis Spindel starts at $600,000

Chicago VIP luxury matchmaking service of Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel specialize in finding the right balance of quality single women to match with their billionaire clients.

The men that hire Janis and Carly as luxury matchmakers have it all. Planes, condos, all types of toys and yet they still need to outsource the Spindel’s. What these captains of industry are looking for is a wife that compliments their lifestyle. The average age of a typical billionaire client is 47. Finding women is no problem for this very closely held group of billionaires. They have yet to meet a woman to call their wife. Many have their personal assistants screen matchmakers and then make a selection.

Once an inquiry is made on behalf of a prospective client, the Spindel’s must meet him. This is just one of the unique propositions Janis and Carly have. The prospective client picks a location for dinner and the interview process begins. Men have their set of questions to ask the Chicago VIP luxury matchmaking service and Carly and Janis have their questions. One of the deal breakers for Janis is when a 47 year old prospective client expresses his desire to be introduced to a 29 year old woman. While and 18 year age difference is not out out line, Janis and Carly feel differently. They simply won’t entertain this request just because the prospective client has unlimited resources to devote to finding a wife.

Once the prospective client and the luxury matchmaking team of Janis and Carly agree they can deliver what is being asked of them, they move forward and begin the process. Matchmaking is the second oldest profession and Janis and Carly know about it. Listen to an interview with Yahoo Finance.