Memphis Matchmaker Service

Memphis matchmaker service of Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel open their doors to men who are looking for true love. They find successful marriage minded men wives. They get people married and write books about it. Men can expect to pay $25,000 to $1 Million for the matchmakers to find a wife, depending if the men want a woman from their home state or around the world. That’s no problem for the Spindel’s, as they have developed a system since 1993 when first incorporated. The Spindel’s are the most expensive mother daughter matchmaking firm in the world. No other matchmaker can compare to the type of gentlemen that retain the mother daughter team.

Memphis matchmaker service recently completed an 8+ country tour for one of their billionaire clients. It was 8 days of private events on his yacht, fashion shows, lunches and dinner parties with the most magnificent and appropriate women for their client. All women are double screened, have met Janis and Carly and have skin in the game by paying $250 for a mandatory meet and greet. The purpose of the meet and greets are so Janis can personally meet them, make sure they are who they say and if they are emotionally ready for a long term commitment leading to marriage. Janis boasts 13 less than 4,000 combined marriages with Carly since 1993. Part of the secret is we meet and vet every woman and you can hear about that at Yahoo Finance.