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The Billionaire Lifestyle Of Matchmaker Carly Spindel

 From touring in style on their client’s private jets to hosting exclusive dinner events on a 200-foot yacht, all for a smooth 1.5 million dollars. This is the life of Carly Spindel, daughter of America’s top matchmaker Janis Spindel.

 Since Carly joined her matchmaking mother, Carly’s world has no boundaries with searching for the perfect wife for her millionaire and billionaire clients.

The amount of services and the amount of outsourced resources Carly must go through to put together a VIP Love Tour across 9 countries in 3 weeks, is a feat that should not go unrecognized. This is the world that Carly and Janis Spindel conduct their business. It’s a very rewarding business both emotionally and financially. If we remove the financial reward and focus only on the emotional outcome, it’s a wonderful lifestyle.

Carly, fortunately, has figured out how to take that same $1.5 million VIP Love Tour and offer it at a much lower barrier to entry through a new matchmaking technology property she discovered called Flash Match NYC.

Carly has joined forces with Smart Match App who is a technology, database, and customer relationship management software that many matchmakers use. The distinguishing competitive advantage of Janis and Carly Spindel Serious Matchmaking is that their private online database has members that have gone through a double screening process.

The first step for members is to fill out a one-time $25 application fee and if approved the member’s credit card is charged. The second screening process is all members must meet Janis and Carly in person for a meet and greet consultation. The purpose of this meet and greet consultation is to pay a one time $250 fee. While many women might think this is exorbitant, this is what sets Carly Spindel apart from all the other matchmakers.

Clients of Carly love the idea that women have a vested interest or skin in the game by going through a two-step screening process and paying the $250 meet and greet fee. This clearly distinguishes that it’s difficult and costly to gain entrance into the world of the Spindel team.

Clients who retain the services of matchmaker Carly pay anywhere from $25,000-$500,000 to find Mrs. Right. Therefore, Carly decided to take her ironclad matchmaking model and offer it in a combination of online with Carly’s supervision.

Flash Match NYC works like this. Members sign on to Carly’s private online database and update their match preferences. When clients retain the services of Carly, this is where Flash Match NYC enters the stage. Flash Match NYC is the brainstorm of Carly Spindel who was able to deliver the same quality members that her millionaire and billionaire clients pay, for a price tag of $5,000 with 4 introductions, or $10,000 with 10 introductions.

The difference in client fees represents a do it yourself or handheld process. We know Carly’s clients have the resources and often outsource many of their needs, relying on the handheld process. However, there exist those millionaire and billionaire clients that want a do it yourself process not to save money, but to enjoy something new.

The do it yourself model, Flash Match NYC, serves up suggested matches for a client from a pool of members that have gone through this double screening process and I might add, are the same women that get introduced to Carly’s millionaire and billionaire matchmaking clients.

In addition to the do-it-yourself model, when a client views a member’s private online profile photo that was suggested and wants to meet that member, the system sends the member the client’s private online profile photo to confirm she agrees to meet him off-line for an introduction. This way, both the client and the member viewed each other’s private online profile photo with a few snippets of information. Once the member confirms back with the system that YES she’s interested in meeting the client off-line for an introduction, Carly’s Flash Match NYC goes into action.

The system shares the preferred contact information with the client and the rest is up to the Universe and chemistry. Carly feels she has found the “fountain of youth” whereby up and comers, future captains of industry, and sons and grandsons of millionaires and billionaires have the same opportunity to find the same double screened and vetted members to be matched with. Keeping in mind that these millionaire and billionaire clients with the handheld model pay $25,000 – $1.5 million. The Flash Match NYC model is for either $5,000 or $10,000, depending on if you want 4 or 10 introductions respectively. Carly’s goal is to launch Flash Match NYC in New York and California and then expand worldwide through a national sales organization. This will be a game-changer for the online matchmaking and online dating industry and for sure allow Carly to capture a portion of that billion-dollar market.

For more information on how to participate with Flash Match NYC, please email media @ janisspindelmatchmaker.com. If you want to learn how Janis and Carly created and developed their business, listen to the audio book on Amazon. 

The Los Angeles finest matchmaking team of Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel are retained by movie stars, public figures and the top 1% of the 1% of wealthy men in the world. To retain the Spindel ladies to find a wife, the fees go up to $1.5 Million Dollars. Who in their right mind would spend that kind of money? Those discrete gentlemen who can date any woman they want. That caliber of man might be 50 years old, in great shape and has all the amenities money can buy. The only thing that he can’t buy on his own is true love and that is where Janis and Carly take over.

Janis and Carly travel around the country for men and hold meet and greets for women who will be considered candidates for these millionaire and billionaire clients. When holding the meet and greets for women, the women are required to apply on Janis’s private database that only she and Carly have access to. Once the women are approved, their credit cards are charged $25. The next step for these now members is to attend a meet and greet for $250 with 8-15 others women. This is where Janis and Carly get to ask them detailed questions to find out if they are emotionally available, financially dependent and fit what Janis and Carly’s clients are looking for at that moment. If not, the women are held in Spindel’s private database for future clients. Many times, months later, women get a call that Janis has her husband and an introduction is made.

The men that are considering retaining the Los Angeles finest matchmaking team must meet with them for dinner to discuss in detail what expectations are. If the man feels because he has unlimited resources and can marry a 29 year old, Janis won’t take him on as a client. She does not run a “sugar daddy” matchmaking boutique for older wealthy gentlemen looking for younger women. Janis and Carly recently turned down 2 men who wanted exactly that. We know every man wants a beautiful and athletic woman to enhance their lives. Janis and Carly explain that in detail. Yahoo Finance. 

Carly Spindel often writes for Huffington Post and here is a snippet of an article that might be of interest to you. Love is a word that can not be universally defined so easily.  What we do know is that love makes us feel special in our own way. Everything seems so much better and we can be in a natural state of happiness throughout the day. At the end of the day, your other half will be able to answer what love is to them.

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