Vancouver Professional Matchmaking

Janis Spindel, Vancouver professional matchmaking company with 13 less than 4,000 marriages and charges $600,000 for their Celebrity VIP matchmaking service.

The Vancouver professional matchmaking boutique spreads love throughout the country.  Women go through a screening process and men go on a simulated date to determine if expectations are realistic and can be delivered. You can listen to a recent Yahoo Finance video interview with Janis and Carly.

Here is one of Janis and Carly’s dating chapters you might find of interest.

Chapter 5: Do What You Love

When you have loads of hobbies and interests, you’re pretty awesome. In case you didn’t know, men want to date awesome women. They want to date a woman who brings something to the table. When you’re exceptional, you’re almost irresistible. How do you become irresistible? Well, that’s easy. You do what you love.

What are you interested in? What makes you happy? This can be anything besides being in a relationship of course. You need to find things that you enjoy that can be done alone. Saturday morning, when it’s freezing cold out, you need things to do that make you happy.

When you do what you love, you’re relaxed and not focused on meeting someone. Take a deep breath and reconnect with yourself. Spend a few days each month just by yourself. Remember what makes you happy. Everyone has something they love that makes them who they are. Now is the time to embrace what you’re passionate about. It can be absolutely anything that makes you happy.

Identify what you love doing. You have to love yourself and enjoy spending time alone. If you don’t love being with yourself, why would someone else want to be with you? Having a relationship with yourself is very similar to having a relationship with someone else. You have to be supportive, caring, proud,  and understanding. If you’re not supportive of yourself, you can’t expect someone else to be. If you’re not proud of your accomplishments, another person won’t be either. If you don’t care oh so much about yourself, someone else won’t want to.