Janis Spindel Dominates The $5,000 Matchmaking Market With Flash Match NYC

The mother-daughter matchmaking duo of Janis and Carly Spindel offers Flash Match NYC beginning Valentine’s Day 2021. Carly is primarily responsible for developing and partnering with a technology company to run its customer relationship manager.

Built into this 2017 by date award-winning matchmaking program, is the perfect vehicle for Carly to launch Flash Match NYC for $5,000 and four introductions. Once our members go through a double screening process of paying a one time $25 application fee and then an additional one time $250 consultation fee, they are offered Flash Match NYC by updating their match preferences.

 Once members and clients match preferences are updated, the fun begins!

 Gentlemen pay $5,000 to Flash Match NYC and the matchmaking programs algorithms generate suggested matches. Carly personally overseas the suggested matches and keeps the members she feels would be most appropriate.

 Once the client views the private online member’s profile photo and agrees he’d like to meet her, the member is sent his private online members’ profile photo and agree to go out with him. Once she agrees, Carly goes click click and the preferred method of contacting the member is sent to the client. The goal is to meet off-line ASAP. A set of rules will be emailed to both the client 10 member to adhere to.

This is a triple win. Members win because there is more activity, clients win because they know the woman is genuinely interested in him and I win as my matchmaking business becomes even more effective and efficient.

For more information on how to participate with Flash Match NYC, please email media @

Luxury matchmakers by Janis and Carly Spindel know how to find a wife for billionaire clients. These men have everything they want and can buy, except a wife. Part of the Boston Finest Luxury matchmakers success is knowing where to travel, what time of year and where to stay when searching the globe for their clients.

Men must go through a screening process no matter what their net worth is.  The process starts with a simulate date at a restaurant the client picks. That’s part of the process, to see if he has game on his own. Once Janis and Carly meet the prospective client, the client must be real with what he is looking for. Luxury matchmaking with Janis and Carly means appropriate backgrounds, age, education level and sophistication. Janis and Carlys women have what they developed as The 4B’s. That’s beauty, brains, body and balance.

Other matchmakers charge clients starting at $ 5,000 and go up to a top tier of $50,000. Carly starts her New York City luxury matchmaking at $25,000 and their service goes up to $1 Million Dollars. The type of men that pay upwards of $1 Million Dollars are billionaires who are in all industries. These men outworked their competitors and made it to the top. In doing so, they devoted all their time to work and had no time to find a wife. One day they wake up and realize, better call Boston Finest Luxury matchmakers. They can make it happen, at a price the men are willing to devote to finding a wife for the rest of their life. They do what ever it takes and you can hear all about it at Yahoo Finance. 

Carly Spindel writes for Huffington Post and one of her articles is about how brains are sexy and intelligence is a big attribute. Women love when men can inform you about the latest news, teach us something about a sport we were not familiar with and in general, women feel enlightened when a man has brains.

You can now listen to how Janis started and grew her matchmaking service on Amazon.

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