Montreal Matchmaker Janis And Carly Spindel Deliver Flash Match NYC For $5,000

In the matchmaking world of Janis and Carly Spindel, their clients pay $25,000 – $1 Million dollars for a Global VIP Love Tour. Now, due to popular demand, Flash Match NYC for $5,000 has arrived.

Carly collected research from her age group of single men and the majority agree that $5,000 for matchmaking services from the Spindel private online client and member database is an unexplored and highly receptive barrier to entry into the world of matchmakers Janis and Carly Spindel.

Keep in mind that Flash Match NYC for $5,000 is a do it yourself brand where once the system suggests matches for its clients, Carly oversees them all and makes the final selection of members private online profile photos to be sent to the client. Once the client selects his choice of member(s), the reverse process is executed and those members who the client selected are sent the clients private online profile photos and when the member(s) agree to meet offline, Flash Match NYC has done its job with a mutually agreed introduction.

The process for members to join Flash Match NYC are going through a double screening process. The first step is to apply and pay a one time $25 application fee. If the member is approved, their credit card is charged. The second step is for the member to attend a one time $250 meet and greet consultation to make sure the members are who they say they are. This has been the success of the Spindel mother daughter matchmakers since 1993 with 4,012 marriages.

Janis and Carly’s clients respect that members go through a double screening process, have been personally met with and have skin in the game by paying the application and meet and greet consultation fees. 

The Spindel’s are the Rolls Royce of the matchmaking business and clients know they get what they pay for and Flash Match NYC offers the same opportunity for its clients to meet many of the same members that clients pay $25,000 – $1 Million dollars to meet, with the do it yourself Flash Match NYC model.

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Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking is the champion Montreal global matchmaker and charges elite clients up to $1,000,000 to find the love of their life and produced 4,012 marriages. They are not a Dating service.

Women desiring to get introduced to the Spindel’s clients must be met with first. This is one of the main reasons men pay big bucks to find a wife. They know the women have been vetted and there is total confidentiality throughout the entire process.

Men considering retaining the services of Montreal global matchmaker must go on a simulated date with Janis. This is where Janis can see how he treats others. If the gentleman is rude to the waitstaff, he might be rude to others. He might feel because when he stands on his wallet, he is 10 feet tall and that entitles him to get introduced, date and marry a woman 20 years his junior. This is not Janis’ business model. She does not accept gold diggers or men that want arm candy. Once a man is serious about finding a wife, a woman that is appropriate in many ways and contacts the Spindel’s, the process begins.

We have clients ages 26-80 and prefer to keep introductions age appropriate. Read all about it at Yahoo Finance video.

Carly Spindel often writes articles for the Huffington Post and one of her articles is about being an active parent. While you might not have a newborn, you can tell from second hand experience it takes practice, patients and perseverance. How do you know if your partner will be a good parent? Will your partner be active and a good role model? Confirm with your partner-the love of your, life that you won’t be the only one sleep deprived.

Will you be an active parent?
Parenting is hard. I don’t have a newborn, but I can surely tell you from a lot of second hand experience that they’re hard work. They take patience and a little bit of perseverance. You have to make sure your partner is going to be a good parent. Is your nearest and dearest okay with sharing the parenting responsibility? Will your partner be a positive influence in the life of your child? Confirm that the love of your life is going to be an active parent so you won’t be the only sleep deprived one in the relationship.

Women seeking to become matchmakers under the direction of Janis and Carly, you can now listen to their audio book on Amazon.

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