Spindel Matchmaking Team  

The Spindel matchmaking team of Janis and Carly Spindel rebrand their business from Serious to Luxury Matchmakers. What this means is they are only being retained by discriminating clients who have everything, except a wife. Men of this caliber can buys anything they want, they have resources to help them and can outsource anything. The only missing piece of the puzzle is finding a wife with the 4B’s. Janis and Carly can find Her.

The process of finding a wife is the same. Women who would like to enter the world of luxury matchmaking must pay the initial $25 and get approved. Once they are approved, the next step is to set up a meet and greet so the Spindel matchmaking team can personally meet each woman, interview them and see how they handle themselves. Once Janis and Carly feel the woman is emotionally available and will follow the protocol, those women are entered into the database for possible matches. 

Spindel Luxury Matchmaking holds meet and greets each month at various locations. On average, 8-15 women attend each paying $250 to meet with the team for about one hour in a group setting. While we know that not every woman will receive a call from the Spindel’s that they have her husband, there are many alternate ways for women to connect.

One of the preferred methods of women meeting eligible and appropriate men is from other women. Janis is very clear that all women should meet and befriend other women. The Spindel quote is “from women come new men,” meaning that if a woman has dated a man that is not for her but would be for one of her friends, she introduces that man to a woman at the meet and greet she met. This has proved very productive and in fact, one of Janis’s women in her database introduced a man she went out with that was not for her, but might be for another women in the database. That action produced a marriage last year. 

Spindel matchmaking team specialize in finding their Luxury matchmaking clients the woman of their dreams. With 13 less than 4,000 combined marriages, you need to get on the meet and greet schedule. Janis and Carly are always sharing their ideas about matchmaking and the future. See the Yahoo Finance interview.