Janis and Carly Spindel Rollout Flash Match NYC $5,000 Matchmaking For Up And Comer

For the discriminating gentlemen used to the finer things in life, matchmakers Janis and Carly Spindel have his future wife in their private online database only they can access. Imagine with one click of a button, a member of Janis and Carly’s matchmaking private online database who is participating in Flash Match NYC, has a request by one of Janis and Carly’s clients to meet her. She filled out her match preferences which allow her private online database photo to be shown to a client to Janis and Carly. When her photo is matched with the client, Carly goes online to her private online database and views the client’s private profile to see which matches the system delivers. If Carly feels the match is appropriate, a request is sent to the member with the client’s private online database photo to be shown to the member. If the member agrees to meet the client accordion to the rules book everyone signed, a match is made by sharing a member’s preferred method of contact with the client for a live date.

Flash Match NYC can be considered an effective and efficient way of dating, that leads to a relationship that ultimately leads to marriage and a family. Janis and Carly own the VIP level matchmaking world with billionaires paying over $1 million for the VIP Tour. Now, there appears to be a wide-open market share in the $5,000 price point with hipsters and up and comer captains of industry. 

Here’s how it works. The Spindel’s have an incredible database with the prettiest, smartest, most accomplished, and fabulous women in the world. Carly spearheaded a new matchmaking technology by Smart Match App, to what we call a click-click system where men can login to Janis and Carly’s private online member profile they create for members and clients, see all the matches selected for them from the double vetted screening process, and identify four women the client wants to meet. Once Carly confirms with each woman the client is interested in that she’s interested in him, it’s considered a mutual introduction once when we send the member the client’s profile from Spindel’s database and the member says YES I must meet the client ASAP. 

Sounds simple, right? It is. It’s our version of online dating, but it’s exclusive, selective, and every woman has been double vetted AND met in person to confirm she looks like her pictures. If she likes you, I share her contact with you and you get in touch and set up the date.

This program is well below our usual market fees, at $5,000 for 4 introductions.

Our women members who paid $25 for the application fee and then paid an additional $250 for a meet and greet or Zoom with Janis and or Carly, are eligible to participate in Flash Match NYC. There are no additional costs to participate in Flash Match NYC. There are 2 simple steps… First, all members must update their “match preferences” to find the perfect match. All members participating in Flash Match NYC will be emailed the official rules of the game. Members must email in return they agree.

Janis and Carly have been offered by many of their clients to search their online dating sites as the client and procure dates for a fee. While this sounds like an ideal plan for both the client and the Spindel’s, it’s still a flawed system. The reason it’s a flawed system is that the women have no vested interest in contacting the client when he winks or sends her a message. There are no consequences.

Hence the Spindel Flash Match NYC rules. Once a Flash Match NYC client has identified that he wants to meet a member that fits his match preferences and once Janis and Carly confirm the member would be for the client, it’s a match and the Spindel rules now become the competitive rules and outperform the other online dating sites. The reason being is if the member agrees to meet the client after seeing his profile and does not schedule or have a first date within a reasonable time frame, the member is placed on probation. If this happens again, the member’s profile will be purged. 

Flash Match NYC, is an effective and efficient method of dating with technology and live matchmakers overseeing the process. It’s gaining momentum with those seeking to find a successful, marriage-minded partner to be happy with for the rest of their lives. Carly Spindel joined her mother in business and the typical client profile was a multimillionaire, super-rich, well-groomed 40 years old. He has everything money can buy, except for a wife and mother of his children. This type of client considers what his kids will look like by the type of wife he will marry. He considers many factors and the Spindel’s are only the messengers of love. No judgment is passed and the Spindel magic wand is waived and the clients every wish is delivered. This is Janis and Carly’s bread and butter, that is, setting up worldwide love tours to find HER. Through Janis and Carly, the client has a personal admin, a public relations team, a stylist, a travel agent, and a host of other resources dedicated during the matchmaking process. 

Members are invited to signature only events such as intimate dinner parties, black tie yacht dinner, and dancing, arts & craft lunches on Sunday afternoons, and evening Q & A lectures with real bachelors. Now, Carly has opened up the Spindel legacy to the rest of the world that began in 1993 when her mother decided to start a matchmaking business from a yellow pad with 14 couples connecting after her first singles party. To be 100% transparent, Carly developed Flash Match NYC to replicate the same iron-clad double vetting process that her mother started in 1993 and made the barrier to entry much lower. The market Carly has designed Flash Match NYC for, seems to be the up and comer, the Hipster, the young and future captains of industry who just can’t seem to wrap their heads around paying 1 Million dollars or more to find HER. The Flash Match NYC client may not yet have the resources to pay those fees but value what Carly is offering. The value proposition for Flash Match NYC is for $5,000, clients can do it themselves meeting the same members that clients pay $1 Million to meet. 

“There is a tremendous amount of background work that is done before, during, and after each introduction with my VIP clients who pay me $1 Million,” states Janis Spindel. Carly takes the position that many of her younger up and comer clients want to meet the same women Janis’ million-dollar clients are meeting. So Carly designed Flash Match NYC exactly for that purpose. It’s a do it yourself with Carly overseeing each match suggestion, with the same women Janis’ clients are meeting. One of the keys to success that Carly is using is Smart Match App CRM to run the technology on. Smart Match App won the 2017 iDate award for best matchmaking CRM. “I find people with technology that are smarter than me and outsource them, the same way Jack Ma of Alibaba does,” Carly proudly refers to. 

Flash Match NYC is currently $5,000 for 4 introductions.  For more information, contact media @

The Spindel matchmaking team of Janis and Carly Spindel rebrand their business from Serious to Luxury Matchmakers. What this means is they are only being retained by discriminating clients who have everything, except a wife. Men of this caliber can buy anything they want, they have resources to help them and can outsource anything. The only missing piece of the puzzle is finding a wife with the 4B’s. Janis and Carly can find Her.

The process of finding a wife is the same. Women who would like to enter the world of luxury matchmaking must pay the initial $25 and get approved. Once they are approved, the next step is to set up a meet-and-greet so the Spindel matchmaking team can personally meet each woman, interview them and see how they handle themselves. Once Janis and Carly feel the woman is emotionally available and will follow the protocol, those women are entered into the database for possible matches.

Spindel Luxury Matchmaking holds meet and greets each month at various locations. On average, 8-15 women attend each paying $250 to meet with the team for about one hour in a group setting. While we know that not every woman will receive a call from the Spindel’s that they have her husband, there are many alternate ways for women to connect.

One of the preferred methods of women meeting eligible and appropriate men is from other women. Janis is very clear that all women should meet and befriend other women. The Spindel quote is “from women come new men,” meaning that if a woman has dated a man that is not for her but would be for one of her friends, she introduces that man to a woman at the meet and greet she met. This has proved very productive and, in fact, one of Janis’s women in the database introduced a man she went out with that was not for her, but might have been for another woman in the database. That action produced a marriage last year.

The Spindel Matchmaking Team specializes in finding its Luxury matchmaking clients the woman of their dreams. With 4,012 marriages, you need to get on the meet and greet schedule. Janis and Carly are always sharing their ideas about matchmaking and the future.

For those interested in how Janis started and grew her business, Amazon has an audio book.

When asking a woman what qualities she is looking for in a man, she’ll tell you that she wants a tall and dark handsome man that takes care of his body and has a sense of humor.  She’s actually looking for a clone of George Clooney. When we ask for photos of former boyfriends, who she went out with and who she thinks she is looking for, are very different, says Carly Spindel.

In addition, here is a snippet of what women have been discussing with Janis snd Carly and you would be amazed. One of the most outstanding comments Carly will share with you, is that women are looking for a man who treats her like a queen. She is observing how he treats the waiter, the waitress, the overall experience. If a man treats people with kindness and consideration, he will also treat her the same way. These are just some of the qualities women look for in a man and have shared with Janis and Carly for over 2 decades.

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