Flash Match NYC $5,000 By Matchmaker Carly Spindel

Carly Spindel has just become a force of nature in the highly competitive matchmaking space. With no state licensing requirement, it’s fairly simple and easy to hang out a shingle and offer your matchmakers services. What will separate and differentiate one new matchmaker from another?

Few have done this as long as Janis Spindel, when in 1993 incorporated Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking. Janis uses the tenets of a double screening process for her women members to be part of her private online client and member database. It’s difficult and costly. 

Carly used the same tenants building Flash Match NYC for $5,000 that matchmaker mother is using in her one on one matchmaking service for $25,000 – $1 Million dollars.

The difference is Flash Match NYC is a do it yourself online matchmaking platform custom build for Carly. Her system makes suggested matches and before showing them to her Flash Match NYC clients, Carly personally makes the final selection of members’ private online profile photos to show the client. Once the client confirms his selection, those members are sent the client’s private online profile photo. Once a member(s) tells the system YES she will meet him, the client and member are sent each other preferred method of contact to meet offline for an introduction.

Flash Match NYC is a do it yourself online matchmaking model with a real-live matchmaker approving all suggested matches. One on one is a handheld matchmaking service where each introduction is personally managed by a matchmaker.

Seattle Matchmaker Service

Seattle matchmaker service of Janis Spindel is commanding $600,000 for love with its Celebrity VIP service. Learn how to find the love of your life.

The mother daughter matchmaking team of Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel are known as longest standing. Together, they are responsible for 4,012 marriages. The men they work with and the women they introduce them too are all successful marriage minded singles and all have been personally met with by Janis or Carly.

The key to a good matchmaking business is having great clients. We absolutely love them. It’s nice when they are appreciative. Listen to the full Yahoo Finance video with Janis and Carly. 

Here is one of Janis tried and true tips that work.

Mr. Right isn’t going to appear at your door. That would be nice, but it’s not practical. Yes, love is patient and love is kind. But, it takes work. It doesn’t just appear at your door. If you want to meet the perfect partner, you have to be proactive. Here are steps to guide you in the right direction.

Chapter 1: Love Yourself

Before someone else can worship and adore you, you have to love yourself. You must be able to brag about yourself – anywhere, anyplace, and anytime. You have to think you’re really great. If you don’t believe that you’re super awesome, why should a man? When you act like your own personal cheerleader, people will notice. An overly confident woman is really, really hard to miss.

Tooting your own horn can be a challenging task for some, unless you were born with the utmost confidence. So, you have to take some baby steps to boost your confidence.

Think really hard about what makes you special. How do your friends describe you? What does your family think of you? What makes you different from all of the other women in the world? What do you bring to a relationship? You want to stand out so that people are intoxicated by you. After you meet someone, they should always be thinking about you because you’re that awesome.

One way to remind yourself exactly how wonderful you are is to make yourself feel like you’re in high school and create an old fashioned list. Come up with a daily dose of fabulousness, also known as a very detailed list of all the things you like about yourself. The more on the list, the merrier. Your list should have tons of qualities. They can be physical or emotional qualities. Once your list is finalized with all of the things you love about yourself, laminate it. It may sound silly, but you should take pride in what you love about yourself. When you go the extra step to make the list look beautiful, you’re reminding yourself that you deserve the best.  

During Covid 19, be mindful of sexual activity during your online dating experience. Be safe and be extra careful. You can now read about the matchmaking enterprise Janis and Carly built with their Amazon audio book. Enjoy.

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