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We jet set around the world looking for the most fabulous women to match with our clients. Our clients are men, and only men – serious and commitment minded men. As a member of The Love Club ❤️, you become a part of that extensive search. Janis and Carly Spindel Serious Matchmaking.

Only the most superb candidates make the cut and are considered for our clients. Find out today if you have it all—beauty, brains, body, balance, and that “it” factor only experts like ourselves can spot.

Janis and Carly Spindel Serious Matchmaking - Luxury Matchmaking Services for Successful Marriage Minded Men & Women
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How It Works

Our clients are men — and only men — serious and commitment minded men.

Women are part of The Love Club ❤️, which is our private membership only club. Inclusion in The Love Club ❤️ gives women the opportunity to have a chance to be matched with our clients.

The step-by-step application process to become a member of The Love Club ❤️ is as follows:

1Submit an application.

2Choose an option for an in-person meeting.

All meetings with women are conducted interview style, and include a one-time, non-refundable consultation fee. There’s no guarantee that women will be matched with the clients. The Love Club ❤️ members are always considered for Janis and Carly’s clients.

Small Group Meeting with Janis & Carly – $300

Private Meeting with Carly – $750

Private Meeting with Janis – $1,500

30 Minute Private Meeting with Janis & Carly – $1,850

60 Minute Private Meeting with Janis & Carly – $3,500

3The Love Club ❤️ members pay a one-time non-refundable consultation fee to be considered for the clients.

If, and only if, you fit the profile of what any of our men clients are looking for, will we contact you.

You stay in The Love Club ❤️ database forever!

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