Flash Match NYC With Carly Spindel Combines Technology With $5,000 Matchmaking

In a highly competitive world of matchmaking and online dating, the field is very crowded and noisy or chasing the same clients. In 1993 Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc. was born and there were virtually no other matchmakers in business at the time.

Once Janis blazed a trail and others followed, Janis needed a competitive edge in her business toolbox. Hence, her oldest daughter Carly joined her in business to start a second generation matchmaking business using technology that millennials like Carly grew up with.

Carly instantly detected a wide open opportunity to capture a market that was being left behind. That market is the $5,000 matchmaking fee that most if not all matchmakers abandoned in lieu of following Janis and trying to cater to the client who pays $25,000 and up to $1 Million dollars. Little do these other matchmakers realize how much work and how many resources need to be dedicated to cater to a client who pays upwards of $1 million. Janis and Carly have gone on global VIP love tours with clients and the feedback is they are not sure how many other matchmaking firms can and are willing to do business in this high-end market. The Spindel’s have clearly dominated and I’ve become a household name in the world of million dollar and billion dollar matchmakers.

Since that market has been secured, zipped up and framed as the “Spindel matchmaking market,” Carly felt and still feels she wants to make a major contribution to work with clients who are not ready to pony up $1 million but see the value in the process of how Carly does business. The secret is that many of the clients of Flash Match NYC who pay $5,000 to meet 4 potential wives, are possibly meeting the same members who get matched with men clients who pay upwards of $1 million. That right there ladies and gentlemen is a gift from Carly Spindel.

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Janis and Carly Spindel have developed a system where wealthy gentlemen looking to get married can be introduced to women who have the 4 B’s. The kind of men that retain the mother daughter matchmakers have it all. They are captains of their industry, have amassed 8 figure net worths and can have most anything money can buy. The missing component to their world is finding a wife. These men can have any woman they want. There are no limitations to the extend they will go to in impressing women. However, as Indiana matchmaker Janis Spindel states very clearly, they need help finding a wife.

Finding a wife is much different than going on a date with a women where he picks her up in his limo, then driving to the private airport where his private jet is waiting and flying off to LA for dinner at the most fabulous restaurant with a table over looking the city. However, this is not the type of women he should marry. These women are impressed with his money, his toys and Janis feels they are gold diggers. When men meet Janis and Carly for the first time to discuss if they can find him a wife and he is realistic with his expectation, Janis explains to him the kind of woman he should marry and that is not it. He is living the dream with the wrong women if he wants to get married and have a family.

Women go through a double screening process and must pay $25 to first get approved and then another $250 to attend a meet and greet so the Spindel matchmaking team can make sure the women have skin in the game, are emotionally available and look like they do when they apply on the private Spindel database. To learn more about the Spindel process and their matchmaking success, Amazon has the Spindel audio book. You can listen to it here. 

Men who retain the Indiana matchmakers pay anywhere from $25,000 for a local search, up to $1 Million Dollars for a world wide tour.  Since 1993 when Janis first incorporate Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking, Inc, with over 5,000 marriages. You can be next. Everyone wants to find love. Listen to Janis and Carly discuss how the matchmaking industry will change in the next 10 years. Yahoo Finance Video.

Carly Spindel writes for the Huffington Post and one of her matchmaking tips is for women. Women want to date men who can be comfortable sitting on the couch in PJ’s all day and can also attend a high powered business meeting dressed looking the part. Women should not be high maintenance. If a woman is attending a sporting event for business, they want to be with someone who is well informed and can go with the flow. Women prefer dating men who can be comfortable in any situation.

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