Carly Spindel is the new generation of Hawaii Professional Luxury Matchmakers.  She is often flying around the world seeking the most attractive, well educated, successful single women to match with her ultra wealthy men clients that pay $1,000,000 to find the love of their lives.

All women must go through a double screening process to make sure they are emotionally available, presentable and understand the Spindel luxury matchmaking rules. The first screening process for women is to apply on the Spindel private online application that only Carly and Janis Spindel have access to. Once the women are approved and their credit card charged, the next step is to attend a meet and greet. The meet and greets are $250 and 8-12 women attend each session. Typically there can be several sessions per monthly meet and greet.

The main purpose of the meet and greets is to make sure that the women are who they say they are. Online photos can be misleading and when a women attends the monthly meet and greets, the Spindel ladies ask the women to send them a new profile photo for the private database. This is one of the main competitive advantages that Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel Hawaii Professional Luxury Matchmakers have. All women are personally met with, interviewed and to see how they handle themselves. Carly and Janis won’t allow gold diggers to apply and become part of their private database if they feel women are just seeking to find a successful marriage minded man for money. The women must be financially independent, well educated and well traveled. The men they will be introduced to are well traveled and travel in style. The women must be prepared to possibly relocate if necessary and over the past 25 years, many have. Those women now are married with families of their own. We are getting into a lot more women empowerment opportunities. Listen to the Yahoo Finance piece by Janis and Carly.