Washington D.C.

 D.C. Upscale Luxury Matchmaking Service

Since 1993, D.C. luxury matchmaking service Janis Spindel has found select clients a wife for $600,000. Janis is a force of nature and will travel the country with laser like focus to get the job done. Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel are the mother service for the Washington D.C. area. Janis and Carly are responsible for over 3,700 marriages to date. Newly minted millionaires and billionaires search out Janis and Carly’s services.

The difference between D.C. luxury matchmaking service and other services, is Janis and Carly meet every woman that comes into their database. Women pay a one time $25 to be approved and if and only if they are approved, their credit card will be charged. The next step is for women to attend a mandatory meet and greet for $250. The meet and greets are held in various cities monthly and 8-15 women attend each session. There might be several sessions each night.

Many questions are asked of women and answered by Janis and Carly. The majority of women want to know if the D.C. luxury matchmaking service has the man of their dreams. Janis and Carly want to know if the women are emotionally available, financially independent and not gold diggers. The women are also coached on what to say when a man calls to ask them out. There is a rule book Janis and Carly produced that explains it all. If women follow the rule book on Amazon, they can move the first date to a second date, the second date to a third date and the third date into a relationship that leads to marriage. We are seeing younger clients retain our services and they are fast and efficient. Read all about it at Yahoo Finance.