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$5,000 Flash Match NYC Launched By Matchmaker Carly Spindel

In a world of more single women than single men for the online dating pool, Carly Spindel has solved that problem with $5,000 Flash Match NYC.

Two years ago, Carly conducted a successful beta test of Flash Match NYC and by popular demand from clients and friends in the matchmaking space, $5,000 is the sweet spot to dominate a segment of the online dating industry.

Carly’s private online client and member database have those who most likely match with what Carly’s clients are looking for. So when a client retains the services of matchmaker Carly, the client gets both suggested matches from the private online member database, and Carly making the final suggested matches. Keep in mind that Janis and Carly meet all their members to make sure they are who they say they are, through a double screening process. 

This double screening process starts with a one-time $25 application fee and when the member is approved by Janis or Carly, the member’s credit card is charged. Then, members pay an additional one-time in-person meet and greet consultation fee with Janis and Carly. Clients of Flash Match NYC love the idea all members are personally met with by Janis and Carly to make sure they are who they say they are and look like their private online member profile photos.

Also, clients of Flash Match NYC who pay either $5,000 for 4 introductions, or pay $10,000 for 10 introductions, might be matched with the same member(s) who get matched with one on one clients that pay $25,000 – 1 Million dollars. The difference is Flash Match NYC is a do it yourself process of finding a successful marriage-minded woman to be happy with for the rest of your life. The one on one matchmaking process is hand-holding, coaching, and personally managing each introduction.

For more information on how to participate with Flash Match NYC, please email media @

San Francisco Matchmakers

San Francisco matchmakers Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel command $600,000 to $1 Million dollars to find love. Hedge fund managers, public figures and movie icons know what it takes to find a wife and Janis can do just that with her Celebrity VIP service.

Janis Spindel runs the matchmaking service with her daughter Carly Spindel. They introduce men to the woman of their dreams. Together, they are responsible for 4,012 marriages and you can be the next. The matchmakers work with men who understand confidentiality and a boutique service to find a wife.

Janis and Carly feature their ideas with Yahoo Finance, where you can watch the segment.

Here is an article from our private library. Enjoy.

Dating 101: The Sweatpants Dilemma – Are You Too Comfortable in Your Relationship?

So you and Mr. Right (Now) have been dating for about a month. Full make-up, cute and flattering clothing, excellent conversation – these are all a given. But what about the six month mark? One year? Part of the fun of falling in love is that you can accept a person completely, with all of their flaws and quirks. But it’s dangerous to grow too comfortable in a relationship. When your significant other stops trying to impress or attract you, the relationship might be in danger. Just because something isn’t so new anymore, doesn’t mean you should stop making an effort! Do your best to keep things fresh and exciting, and you’ll never get tired of your partner. Consult this checklist – if you’re doing three or more of these things, you might need to reevaluate how comfortable you feel in the relationship!


– wear make-up when you see him?

This is an easy one to forget. Your man should love you for your natural beauty, it’s true, but the purpose of make-up is simply to enhance your god-given assets. And more than anything, men take a lack of physical grooming as a sign. It’s not so much about the make-up itself, it’s more about the fact that you’ve stopped putting in effort, and this can be worrisome.

 – dress nicely when it’s just you two?

Of course you wear pretty clothes and cute outfits for work, going out with friends, grabbing drinks. But if your home wardrobe has gone from sexy to slouchy, he’s bound to wonder why. Put just as much effort into your look when you’re around him – don’t reach for the sweatpants and baggy tees just because you two are at home. If you really want to be cozy, buy some cute underwear, maybe a nightgown or a girly tank-top and shorts combo from Victoria’s Secret PINK. But whatever you do, don’t think it’s okay to become frumpy. This is a recipe for disaster.

 – eat like a slob in front of him?

Table manners are a must in any setting. Whether you’re on a first date, dining with the President, or just sitting on the couch eating take-out, it’s never okay to be gross. Cut your food properly, don’t guzzle or slurp anything, and make an effort to eat healthy. Sure, once in a while it can be fun to be casual – chopsticks aren’t the most formal utensils around, and things can get a little messy. But maintain your graceful table manners and etiquette, and he’ll remember how classy his girl can be.

 – forget to spend quality time with him?

Once you’ve been dating for a long time, it’s logical that you’ll begin to take each other for granted. You two have been together for ages, it seems, so why wouldn’t he be available next weekend? But this mindset is dangerous – it’s never a good idea to assume that he’ll always be available just for you. Let him know that spending time with him is a PRIORITY for you, and that you enjoy getting to know him and getting to hang out. Ask him ahead of time to see a movie, tell him you can’t wait to have dinner, make him feel special. If he feels like you don’t treasure the time you two have together, why would be bother sticking around?

 – act more like a sister than a girlfriend?

Everyone knows that a dirty mouth isn’t so attractive. But once in a while, we slip, and that’s okay. The problem is when you can’t transition out of pirate mode, and you wind up sounding like a delinquent with a limited vocabulary. Furthermore, belches, bodily functions, and other crudeness have no place in a relationship. Maintain an air of sophistication and you’ll be thought of much better for it. Remember that he deserves respect, and part of that is communicated through the way you interact with him, and around him. Be the woman he wants to show off, not the lazy girlfriend he’s ashamed of dating.

Once Covid 19 restrictions are lifted and online dating resumes, be mindful of boundaries and consent. If you want to learn how the Spindel mother daughter matchmaking team built their business, Amazon has the audio book you can listen to. Enjoy.

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