Janis Spindel is an icon in the Matchmaking Industry. With almost 3,100 successful marriages, Janis is continuously acknowledged for doing the job she was born to do. Janis has been featured on over 100 specials worldwide on love, dating, and relationships including Dr. Phil, The Today Show, 60 Minutes, CNN, The O’Reilly Factor and many others.


Carly Spindel is passionate about spreading love across the country. With over 110 successful marriages, Carly is a pioneer in the industry. Carly has been featured on Eye Witness News, Sunrise Australia, and Good Day NY. Carly has been seen in The New York Observer, Elle Magazine, Thrillist, Crains, and Fortune Magazine.

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Observer – February 10, 2015
Welcome to the awkward, sexually charged flip side of the dating business.
The Princeton Packet – December 23, 2014
High-priced matchmaker Janis Spindel is looking to find true love for three Princeton men.
The Wall Street Journal -May 10, 2013
The first two ladies to arrive couldn’t have looked more glamorous: tight black cocktail dresses, four-inch heels, salon-fresh hair. The occasion? A chat with matchmaker Janis Spindel.
NBC News – June 7, 2011
Man hires six-figure NYC matchmaker.
New York Post – October 19, 2010
Strange bedfellows. Do these women really find their mates attractive? The city’s trophy wives say ‘yes’.
Wall Street Journal – June 8, 2010
Wednesday night, the New York-based matchmaker Janis Spindel, who has matched 908 couples, is hosting her version of “The Love Boat” on World Yacht…
Huffington Post – June 4, 2010
High-End Matchmakers Dish on Dating.
Daily News – May 20, 2010
New York City’s current premier matchmaker Janis Spindel calls Bravo’s ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ Patti Stanger’s move to the city ‘disgusting.
Toronto Sun – October 8, 2009 (and Ottawa Sun)
Wifestyles of the rich and famous
Marco Island’s Luxury Lifestyle Magazine – August / September 2009
MONEY WELL SPENT – Matchmaker promises ‘happily ever after’ to clients
Tulsa World – June 14, 2009
Video: Miss Matches: N.Y. woman hunts down love mates
The Oklahoman – June 10, 2009
Mr. Perfect lives here, looking for Miss Right
Tulsa World – June 3, 2009
Needy women need not apply to meet bachelor
Herald Tribune – May 21, 2009
One way to look for love
New York Post – February 23, 2009
The Man Who Can’t Buy A Date, Doc Diagnoses Problem: Him
Fortune Magazine – June 23, 2008
Encore! Encore!
USA Today – February 13, 2008
Life Section: Matchmakers Cut to the Chase
New York Times – January 29, 2008
Frequent Flier: Prowling the Skies in Search of Ringless Fingers
Miami Herald – October 27, 2007
Catching you a catch will cost $$$
New York Times – October 14, 2007
Books of Style: It Adds Up to Love (Check Your Math)
The Seattle Times – July 1, 2007
Single Girls: You Gotta Have Faith
By Pamela Sitt, Seattle Times Columnist
The Province – June 24. 2007
Looking for a match made of millions
By Cheryl Chan
The Vancouver Sun – June 23. 2007
Women apply “by the hundreds” to meet Mr. Right
By Chantal Eustace
Seattle Post Intelligence – June 2007
Wife Shopping – Wealthy, widowed, athletic male seeks Seattle or Vancouver beauty
By Athima ChanSanChair, P-I Reporter
Seattle Post Intelligence – June 2007
Match: Spindel checks out her clients too
By Athima ChanSanChair, P-I Reporter
Metro Vancouver- June 21, 2007
Multimillionaire’s matchmaker busy finding the perfect wife
By Jessica Smith
Boston Globe – April 15, 2007
The business of finding a mate
By Bella English, Globe Staff
Boston Globe – March 26, 2007
For Love and Money
By Bella English, Globe Staff
Charlotte Observer – November 12, 2006
Time to Wed, but Not to Woo
By Peter St. Onge
Aspen Times – December 17, 2005
Love is in thin air
By Joel Stonington
The Cover of The New York Times Magazine – February 13, 2005
The New Arranged Marriage
By Melanie Thernstrom
Men’s Health – May 24, 2004
Sex and Relationship Help: Matchmaking Headhunter for My Heart
By Ron Geraci

WEB: (scroll panels below) – Janis & Carly Spindel: Serious Matchmakers Specialize in Finding Attractive Dates for Wealthy Clients – October 17, 2018
Juliet has everything going for her – looks, career, and personality – yet she still hasn’t met the right guy. Mother daughter matchmaking duo, Janis and Carly Spindel, meet with Juliet to give her some pointers on how to meet her match.

Times Square Chronicles – Lunchtime Lessons in Love – March 31, 2017
Like all things in this town it takes a special combination of magical luck mixed with savvy dynamics to make the world spin around. Love is no different.

The Doctors – How to Find a Date at Any Age – February 27, 2017
Mother daughter matchmaking duo, Janis and Carly Spindel, claim it’s a man’s dating world. Try these tips to overcome that unfair advantage.

The Doctors – How to Meet Your Match! – February 27, 2017
Juliet has everything going for her – looks, career, and personality – yet she still hasn’t met the right guy. Mother daughter matchmaking duo,
Janis and Carly Spindel, meet with Juliet to give her some pointers on how to meet her match.

RealClearLife – Would You Pay a Matchmaker $1 Million to Find You ‘The One’? – March 1, 2017
If you’re the type of gentleman who has succeeded in every aspect of life—Ivy League education, executive-level job, sprawling mansion—except for love, Janis and Carly Spindel are here to help.

Marie Claire – 6 Things Top Matchmakers Want Single People to Know – February 6, 2017
Read this if you’re like, “Where u at, La La Land Ryan Gosling?”

Daily Mail Online – Serious New York matchmakers detail what you should and should NOT wear on the first date – July 22, 2016
Ever wonder how some women seem to have found the secret to capturing… and keeping a man’s attention on her… and only her? Janis and Carly Spindel from Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking can certainly help. – Janis & Carly Spindel: A Mother-Daughter Duo Providing Upscale Matchmaking for Successful Marriage-Minded Singles – September 30, 2016
Janis and Carly Spindel are a mother-daughter matchmaking duo with a combined 25+ years of experience in the industry. The tenacious and passionate Spindel women offer high-end services for thousands of busy, professional singles who are serious about finding a long-term relationship. Thanks to their hands-on, no-nonsense approach, Janis and Carly have been responsible for more than 2,100 marriages, earning them the nickname “the Rolls Royce of matchmaking.”

The Price of Love – March 24, 2015
Coverage from Chasing New Jersey

4 matchmaking services for the ultra-wealthy – February 12, 2015
Would you pay $250,000 to find your soulmate?
Where do high-power executives turn to find love? While the majority of them aren’t making appearances on Millionaire Matchmaker, you can bet they’re not swiping right on Tinder either. So how do you find “The One” when you have a lot of money but very little time? Easy – you pay someone else to do it for you. Here’s a look at four people who can introduce you to the gazillionaire of your dreams.

The Perils of Falling for Your Matchmaker – February 10, 2015
Welcome to the awkward, sexually charged flip side of the dating business.
As a professional matchmaker, Ms. Spindel, who is decidedly unwedded, spends the majority of her waking hours wading through the gritty details of desire.

21st Century Matchmakers: In NYC, Matchmaking Ranges from Free to Exorbitant – May 30, 2014
In Manhattan these days there are a couple of different ways to get fixed up: the classic setup and the far more expensive professional version.

As our week-long look at 21st Century Matchmaking continues, Manhattan reporter Jon Weinstein meets a prominent businessman who sets up couples up for free, and a powerhouse professional who makes big bucks off each match.

Online dating services get into matchmaking big leagues – May 20, 2014 and Three Day Rule will announce a partnership that gets Match into the high-dollar matchmaking terrain while giving Three Day Rule money to expand and direct marketing to Match members.
Online dating site is going old school as it pairs with a matchmaking service to capture a dating demographic that wants more attention and is willing to pay for it.
Can you spot a gold digger? – April 16, 2014
Gold diggers are such a problem in NYC, one woman has set up an agency that proclaims it will weed them out.
Upper East Side matchmaker Janis Spindel founded Club J-Love in 1993 — and since then claims to have 1,008 marriages under her belt. Her specialty? Helping men avoid heartbreak — and the loss of hard-earned money — by sussing out a woman’s true motives.
Matchmaker’s feminine side | Crain’s New York Business – February 6, 2014
Serious Matchmaking Inc. is expanding its business to females after more than 10 years of solely helping men find their true love.
Single women seeking a Valentine’s Day mate have a new yenta. Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc. has expanded its practice to females.
Janis Spindel Matchmaker Right Partner For You – February 6, 2014
Learn what is important and not important in landing the right partner for you.
November 11th & 25th 2013 @ 6:00 p.m. CH 67/85/36
Forbes – September 6, 2014
$500,000 For Love? The Story Of A Champion Matchmaker

Janis Spindel is a nonstop force of nature in her field. In the emotional, delicate business of helping others find love, few can match the longevity – and prices – of her matchmaking business, which has counted wealthy business magnates, Wall Street players and even a former senator as customers
NY Magazine’s The Cut – August 30, 2013
On the Prowl in the Hamptons With ‘America’s Leading Matchmaker’

Matchmaker Janis Spindel threw open the doors of her “love villa,” the East Hampton home where she spends her summers.
$250,000 for love?

Some men are willing to pay Spindel, an internationally known traveling “yenta,” as some of her clients call her, boasts 994 marriages to her credit. Her fee buys 12 introductions over a 12-month period, with no guarantee that Cupid will strike.
ABC News- Twin Cities Live
New York City Matchmaker
A thirty-four year old attorney from Minneapolis spent over $100,000 to fly Janis Spindel, a matchmaker from New York City in to find him his perfect match. He’s looking for the perfect Midwestern girl and Janis believes she will find her right here in Minneapolis.
ABC News – Minnesota
Matchmakers Stepping in for People Too Busy for Online Dating

Trying to find the love of your life isn’t just limited to the internet. High-priced matchmakers are now getting into the game for people who don’t have time to meet a potential spouse online.
CBS News – Minnesota – October 10, 2012
Need A Man? For A Fee, N.Y. Matchmaker Can Help

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – We love our reality TV shows about people looking for love, but there’s a real bachelor here in the Twin Cities who has brought in a big time matchmaker to find the love of his life. – October 1, 2012
Minneapolis Mystery Man Looking for Love
A wealthy Minneapolis lawyer is bringing in the big guns to help find Ms. Right. The anonymous bachelor has hired Janis Spindel, an upscale New York matchmaker. She’ll be in the Twin Cities Oct. 9-11 looking for his future wife. – June 25, 2012
Anna Gristina, the Accused Mommy Madam, and Her Matchmaking Defense

Page 2: Traditional matchmakers, eager to distinguish themselves from a dating service, would frown on this feature. You won’t see casual dating on the menu at Selective Search (a Chicago-based personal-matchmaking firm with fees starting at $20,000) or at New York matchmaker Janis Spindel’s site. (Spindel quotes her initial fee as “$50,000 in the tri-state area.”) – June 14, 2012
The Realities and Fantasies of Finding Love with New York’s Top Matchmaker

Marriage is what Janis Spindel does, and she’s fairly clear on that point. She recounts a story to the women about meeting a man who had decided he was ready to find his wife, and how a name of one of her clients instantly popped into her head. “So, I said to him, ‘Brianna,” she declares, “and he says ‘who’s Brianna?’ And I said, “well, she’s your wife.” Blog – June 13, 2012
Getting Back into the Dating Game: Life After Divorce
Life after divorce can be overwhelming for the average divorcee. Some become serial daters for a few years followed by a committed, long-term relationship. – February 7, 2012
Using a matchmaker | Lizzy’s diary
A fan of Fiddler on the Roof, Lizzy has always been curious about modern-day matchmakers. So, TOC hooked her up with two: Stefanie Safran of Chicago-based Stef and the City and Janis Spindel, a New Yorker entering the Chicago market.
What Do Men REALLY Want? A Famous Matchmaker Tells All
“What do you think? See how smart you are. What do you think the number one thing a man wants in a woman is? What’s the biggest turn-on to a man?” – September 8, 2011
Where To Find Love This Fall In The Hamptons!
Ready to Fall for love this season in the Hamptons? KDH checked in with an expert to find out where cupid’s arrow is sure to land out East… – August 14, 2011
Gay marriage bill inspires matchmaker
Matchmaker Janis Spindel is seeking single gay men. With the passage of the Marriage Equality Act in New York, the high-end yenta has decided to launch a gay division. “Now is the time to rally,” she said. “I’ve officially gone gay.”
What men really want: secrets from a matchmaker
The second installment of matchmaking dating secrets comes straight from Janis Spindel’s book, “Get Serious About Getting Married: 365 Proven Ways to Find Love in Less Than a Year”. Finding love is one thing; keeping and advancing love is quite another. – August 2, 2010
$100,000 Matchmaker, Make Me a Match
In this economy, it seems unthinkable that people would pay up to six figures just to find a mate. And yet expensive matchmakers are reporting that business is up these days.
SouthSource by Southeastern University – February, 2012
Modern Dating Offers Innovative Ways to Meet New People
Modern dating has changed the way to meet new people. These days, singles looking for love often hire matchmaking services or create a profile on an online dating site in an attempt to find that someone special.
Matchmaker Secrets Revealed!
“What men really want: secrets from a matchmaker” was so popular, Janis Spindel, famed NYC matchmaker, has agreed to reveal even more secrets! Women, listen up!
What men really want: secrets from a matchmaker
Here’s your chance to find out what men are really looking for in a woman. Insider and NYC matchmaker Janis Spindel tells it like it is – brace yourselves ladies!
Wife styles of the rich and famous
Janis Spindel is often on the hunt for solid wife material. She must be sophisticated, intelligent, attractive, well-groomed and, according to Spindel, thin. Oh, and she must be willing to marry a millionaire. – February 23, 2009
Baby, I’ve changed! The so-called Dateless Doc who once offered a $200,000 bounty for a wife is now telling a matchmaker he previously sued that “it wasn’t you, it was me.” Scarsdale skin specialist Paul Dantzig e-mailed matchmaker Janis Spindel on Valentine’s Day begging her to take him back…
CBS NEWS – January 21, 2003
He Said, She Said by Rome Neal
On The Early Show‘s “Life Matters,” David Zincenko, editor in chief of Men’s Health magazine, and Janis Spindel, a professional matchmaker, will debate the question of whether a loved one has the license to lie. – January 1, 2009
Matchmaking Tips on How to Hire a Matchmaker – Part I
1. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. – Don’t be afraid of going to a matchmaker. There’s nothing wrong with you. You may be extremely busy and need the extra support. Always make sure that the matchmaker you find is reliable and skilled…’s Sex & Dating – February 5, 2009
Matchmaker, matchmaker
Can a dating specialist help me? Manertia: the state in which one’s dating life is no longer new or exciting and continues in its existing state of extreme banality, unless that state is changed by an external force. In this case, my external force has a name; three names, actually: Amy, Janis and Lisa—all professional matchmakers.

New York Observer – November 6, 2008
High-End Matchmaker Janis Spindel Now Accepting Donations
The economic downturn has started to affect the even pricey Upper East Side matchmakers who had, until now, seemed impervious to market forces…. Love’s Power Players – February 6, 2009
Love begins with a crush, and if you need an object of desire just talk to Manhattan-based Janis Spindel of Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc. A lifelong entrepreneur (previous ventures include Mommy and Me, the go-to store for chic moms and their children), Spindel is a matchmaker to the stars… – October 31, 2008
New York City Feels the Brunt of Wall Street’s Crisis
Manhattan matchmaker Janis Spindel says more and more of her clients, typically Wall Street males, are trying to bargain…
How to Get Beyond the First Date
Your friend swears this guy would be perfect for you. Should you chance it? Not before you check out the advice on how to handle a blind date from professional matchmaker Janis Spindel.
How to Handle a Blind Date
Your friend swears this guy would be perfect for you. Should you chance it? Not before you check out the advice on how to handle a blind date from professional matchmaker Janis Spindel.
How to Enjoy a First Date
Your friend swears this guy would be perfect for you. Should you chance it? Not before you check out the advice on how to handle a blind date from professional matchmaker Janis Spindel.
How to Meet Men
Single and looking? Meeting men is actually easy, according to professional matchmaker Janis Spindel. She’s met thousands of them in her work, so she ought to know. Here are Janis’s tips for how to meet men.
How to Get a Date
You’ve met someone interesting and you’re hoping he’ll call for a date. What now? Here are the rules according to Janis Spindel, founder of Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking, Inc.
ONLINE PERSONALS WATCH – September 6, 2008
Janis Spindel, Serious Matchmaking, Inc. Interview
Internet Dating sites charge $15-$50 a month. But we’re leaving money on the table it seems. Matchmakers charge $3k on up. Way up. Up to $500k in the case of Janis Spindel? How so? – February 14, 2007
Janis Spindel’s Advice for Meeting Your MateTop 10 Tips for Women Looking for Love. Here are some tips from matchmaker Janis Spindel for women in the market for a mate: 1. Smile… – February 9, 2007
My Date With Janis Spindel, Matchmaker
Manhattan Matchmaker Spells Out the Dos and Don’ts of Modern Courtship