Toronto Top Matchmakers  

Toronto top matchmakers Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel are sweeping the country with their $600,000 for love business model; the story of a matchmaker.  

The mother daughter team is famous for spreading love across the country. Together, they are responsible for 13 short of 4,000 marriages to date. Call 212.987.1582. You can listen to a Yahoo Finance video interview now.

Here is a chapter of the Spindel’s dating secrets. 

Chapter 4: Get Your Mindset Right

Your mindset is important. How do you define your mindset? Well, that’s easy. Your mindset is your attitude when it comes to love, sex, and relationships. Are you emotionally available? Is your self-esteem in tip-top shape? Are you confident that you deserve a wonderful man? Are you sure that you’re a catch? Do you believe in love and super exceptional love? You must be able to answer “absolutely!” to all of those questions before you can be in a relationship.

Do you have time for a relationship? Are you in check with your emotions? Are you ready to connect, like really connect, with someone? Are you eager to prioritize a man? Are you able to communicate with your feelings? All of these things are part of being emotionally available. Men have to feel like you have time for them and you want to incorporate them into your life.

When you walk down the street, do you feel like a million dollars? When you leave the house each day do you tell yourself that you look fabulous? Your self esteem is important. You want to ensure that you know you’re a catch.

Do you know that you’re a fabulous and any man would be lucky to date you? Are you aware that you deserve a man who adores you? Do you know the extra long list of appreciable things you bring to a relationship? Do you know that you warrant a man who is really stupendous?

You attract what you’re ready for. If your mindset is positive and happy, chances are a man will notice that. He’ll want to be around you because you’re that great. Everyone wants to be around someone really awesome. So, don’t you want to be that super awesome person?

If you’re struggling with your self love, an easy way to give yourself a quick boost is to create a list. Get out a piece of paper and a pen and get ready to start thinking. Make a list of 10 things you love about yourself. You have to believe you’re wonderful so other people can believe it too. This list is a daily reminder of positivity.