Miami Professional Matchmaking Is Born.

Miami Professional matchmaking team of Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel use social media to find their billionaire clients the woman of their dreams. Carly is the new breed of social media gurus and can use the power of social media, virtual posts and referrals to bring in the women who have the 4B’s. That’s brains, beauty, body and balance. Wealthy men love women with brains and a killer body, but having balance in their lives is the most important factor.

When a gentleman gets introduced to a woman from Janis and Carly, he would like to share his world with her. Not that the woman doesn’t have her own world. It’s a life style he is looking to share with his new soul mate. That would included traveling the world first class on his private jet, his 180 foot yacht with a crew of 6 and black tie events at charity fund raisers. Not to mention weekly dinners at his country club. When these men were asked to share their inner thoughts of marrying a woman to be part of his world, the common reply is he wants to make sure he didn’t marry a gold digger. He wants his world to accept his new wife, be part of his world and make new friends. He does not want a reputation of “buying a wife” from the Spindel’s. It appears to be a common concern and that is why Janis and Carly scour the world to find women to fit that profile.

Women who are considered to meet the men of Miami Professional matchmaking, they must go through several steps to qualify and then and only then if Janis and Carly feel she is a match, will she be introduced. There is a cost for women to gain access to the private only database. The first step is apply online to this private database and pay $25. Once Janis approves the women, they are required to attend a meet and greet for $250. At the monthly meet and greets, women are interviewed, asked very detailed questions to make sure they are emotionally ready for a long term relationship that may turn into marriage. Janis and Carly are the only matchmaking team that has developed this proprietary system of vetting women for their clients. Since 1993, Janis and Carly boast 13 less than 4,000 marriages. Women submit a long private online application and Janis and Carly meet all women. Watch the video at Yahoo Finance.