Spindel Mother Daughter Matchmakers Open Flash Match NYC For $5,000 To Hipsters Wanting Only The Best

In a perfect matchmaking world, the ideal situation for a man searching for his soulmate is to find a woman online who he wants to go out with that responds in a timely fashion and agrees to go out with him.

If that sounds familiar, no problem because matchmakers Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel have a solution for you. It’s called flash match NYC and here’s how it works.

 Men clients retain the services of the Spindel’s to find the perfect wife. This discriminating gentleman understands and has the resources to outsource all his personal and private needs. When it comes to love, these gentlemen spare no expense to go through what they must go through to find a wife and be happy for the rest of their lives.

 Traditionally, Carly starts her fees at $25,000 for men in New York City under age 40 who have never been married. This is an easy client to match up. As we climb the ladder in age and life’s web of achievements, matching up a client becomes more of a challenge, and fees can reach eight figures for a VIP world Love tour.

 Most matchmakers would love to work with a client of this caliber who gets a public relations point person, stylist, travel agent, chef, and the mother-daughter matchmaking team of Janis and Carly Spindel to personally accompany him on his nine countries international love tour in search of HER. This would be a dream client for any matchmaker, who has the experience and success rate to handle this kind of client.

 However, there exists a market for the younger captain of industry, for the younger billionaire just getting started building his empire, and for the hipsters and up and comer to gain entrance into the world of Janis Spindel to find his wife at a lower barrier to entry. That market appears to be wide-open and untouched and by no accident, Janis and Carly have perfected a new matchmaking property called Flash Match NYC.

 Flash Match NYC is the most efficient and effective matchmaking property priced at $5,000 with four introductions. Since 2016 Carly has been testing Flash Match in NYC with selected clients to see the validity and effectiveness of how Flash Match NYC works.

 It works like this. Men pay a $25 one-time application fee and if they are approved, their credit card will be charged and they will become a basic member of the Spindel private online database. The next step for gentlemen is to either meet in person with Janis and Carly or meet with them on a Zoom call for $250 for an interview-style one-time non-refundable consultation fee. Once completed, those men can retain the services of Janis and Carly to participate in Flash Match NYC and possibly meet Mrs. Right. The members who are women, have also gone through a double screening process whereby they pay a one time $25 application fee and if approved, move to the next level and pay a $250 fee also for an interview-style one-time non-refundable consultation fee.

This has been the secret sauce to the success of Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc. that was started in 1993 and has 4,012marriages. All members and all clients have been met personally by Janis and or Carly and look like their private online profile photos do. When Janis and Carly meet with a man and women during the consultation, if they don’t look like their private online profile photos do, they are instructed to immediately replace their photo. This has worked out very well and we don’t plan on changing the successful process anytime. If it’s not broken, we won’t fix it.

Flash Match NYC, at the time of this blog post, has just completed its beta testing and is being soft launched in New York City for Valentine’s Day 2021. The next step for Flash Match NYC is to head to the West Coast and launch California. We will keep you posted when Flash Match NYC becomes available in your area.

 For more information on how to participate with Flash Match NYC, please email media @

Baltimore contemporary Luxury matchmaking team of Carly Spindel and Janis Spindel rebrand into Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel Luxury Matchmaking. Nothing will change for the women who enter the Spindel World of Love. The first screening process for women is a private registration for $25, with access only to Janis and Carly.

Once Janis and Carly approve the women, they must attend a meet and greet for $250 to meet Janis and Carly personally. The meet and greets are held monthly and 8-15 women attend each session. There may be several sessions. One of the distinguishing features of the meet and greets are from women come new men. In fact, one of Janis’s members introduced a guy she went out with that was not for her but for one of her friends. As you can imagine, one of the friends is also a member of Janis inner circle and introduced him and now they are having a baby.

Men interested in retaining the services of the Baltimore contemporary luxury matchmakers Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel will go on a simulated date to see now he treats women, how he treats the waiter/waitress and if he is attentive. There is one important factor for Janis and Carly to use when considering taking on a client. Is he realistic with his expectations and can Janis and Carly deliver. If the client is 47 years old and looking for a 29 year old, that can be a deal breaker for the prospective client.

Integrity is the most important trait the Spindel’s emphasize when offering their luxury matchmaking service to prospective clients. Janis has been in the business since 1993 and claims to have refused more clients than you can imagine. Just because a man is a billionaire and has endless resources to find his wife, if it’s not what Janis and Carly believe he should be doing, they don’t take him on as a client. Powerful men outsource their needs and that is exactly what Baltimore contemporary Luxury matchmaking team of Carly Spindel and Janis Spindel do.

Carly is always the bearer of good news for her women members. Looks are not so important to all women. Of course we teach that a man’s appearance is important to some women, but most women from what they tell Carly is the women want more. To start with, women like a nice man who is in good shape and dresses well and has many of the qualities that Carly lists in her book.

I’m here to be the bearer of great news and tell you that looks aren’t so important to all women. Yes, a man’s physical appearance is important to some ladies, but most women want much, much more than that. A nice looking man who is in good shape, dresses, well and possesses all of the below characteristics is what we really want! 

Here is one of the first tips for women, taken from the Huff Post article written by Carly.

“Being Kind Goes A Long Way
Women want to date a man who is kind and caring. We want someone who will be our best friend, a partner, and our equal. Above all, we want someone who makes us feel great.”

Knowing that men are at first superficial and shallow when they meet you for the first time, meaning they initially judge you by your looks, it’s a good idea to be visually appealing. What the men really want as told to Janis Spindel over the past 2 decades is a woman should be many things to a man. Once you learn that secret, you will be able to turn the first date into a second date and continue down the path of turning a relationship into marriage.

If you want to learn how to run your own matchmaking agency, Janis and Carly have an audiobook for you on Amazon.

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