Mother Daughter Matchmakers Dominates The $5,000 Matchmaking Market With Flash Match NYC

 Carly Spindel, daughter of America’s top matchmaker is a native New Yorker that has traveled the world in search of love for her billionaire clients. Carly has traveled to Paris, Moscow and now London to find Mrs. Right for a client. Carly gets men who retain her married with members of her private online database.

This process has been developed since 1993 when founder Janis Spindel first founded Janis Spindel’s Serious Matchmaking Inc. To date the Spindel’s have close to 4,000 known marriages. Their proprietary process is the secret to their success and works like this:

Women members pay a one time $25 application fee and if they are approved their credit card is charged. The next step for women members is to schedule a one time additional consultation fee for $250 to me personally with Janis and Carly. This assures the men clients that all the members look like their online private profile photos do. The women are who they say they are.

Now the members are registered and in good standing to participate in the Flash Match NYC program. All the members have to do is update their match preferences on their private online profile and they are ready. When a client retains Carly Spindel for the $5,000 Flash Match NYC program, he too must update his match preferences so the system can deliver suggested matches. Once those suggested matches or served up to his private online profile that only he can see, Carly steps in and does an overview of the suggested matches from the Flash Match NYC algorithm.

In essence, Carly is using both the power of online matchmaking and with the support of a real live matchmaker finalizing all suggested matches for her clients. Once those matches are placed in the clients online private profile and Carly has had the final say which matches he views and selects indicating he wants to be introduced to them, the reverse process starts.

Here is another competitive advantage that Carly has built into her Flash Match NYC program. The members that have been vetted by the system and by Carly that are shown to the client and who the client agrees to go out with are then sent the clients private online profile photo for the women to agree they want to go out with the clients. So now you have a full circle, meaning that the client has viewed his potential matches with members and agreed he wants to go out with who also agrees that they want to go out with the client. Terms, both the client and the member have seen each other’s private online profile photo and agreed they want to meet off-line. This is called a Flash Match NYC introduction.

Normal fees that parlay charge range from $25,000 a gentleman under age 40 living in New York City, all the way to $1 million for a Global VIP search. Wow this is fantastic for business and for a millennial to reach such high levels of matchmaking fees, Carly felt it was more to Flash Match NYC.

In Carly’s mind, Flash Match NYC is a matchmaking property that has a lower barrier to entry and caters to the up and comer, future captains of industry and sons and grandsons of billionaires. For the modest price of $5,000 to be matched with 4 women who might get matched with men who pay $25,000 – $1 Million dollars, Flash Match NYC is a gift that Carly is delivering for everyone to enjoy. It’s good for business, it’s good for members to have more introductions and it’s a great way to establish a relationship with an up and comer who very well might turn into that million dollar client.

For more information on how to participate with Flash Match NYC, please email media @ janisspindelmatchmaker.com.

Houston Upscale matchmaking service Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel tells it all to wealthy Houston men, captains of industry and Wall Street players on why she charges $1 Million Dollars to find them a wife.

Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel are known for their Houston upscale matchmaking service. Together, they are responsible for 13 less than 4,000 marriages to date. The Spindel clientele consists of A-List Celebrities, politicians, movie icons and discriminating gentlemen that want the best.

Janis Spindel does not advertise for clients the way others do. She does not follow the pack- she leads the pack and blazes her own trail that others follow. In fact, it’s a known fact that before she is retained by gentlemen to begin the process of finding a wife, there are several steps that must take place. The men call the office and set up a simulated date. This is where Janis gets to see how men treat her, how they treat the wait staff and how he conducts himself. Once he passes that test, the next step might be a deal breaker. If the man is 49 years old, an oil tycoon and appears to be really hip, he wants a 29 year old woman. While he can get any woman he wants with his money, what he comes to Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking for, is a wife. This is something he must outsource because he is looking in all the wrong places. He has been attracting gold diggers, women who are not financially independent and women he would not feel comfortable taking to his country club for dinner. This is where Janis comes in and takes over. Men prefer women who have the 4B’s. To learn what that is, listen to Yahoo Finance Video with Carly and Janis.

In one of Carly Spindel’s articles on Huffington Post, she writes about how thoughtful men are enticing for women. That does not mean you have to spending a lot of money on a date. It does means the man takes a vested interest in the date, does a little special thing that shows women he cares, is considerate and that becomes sexy to women.

For those that have time and an interest to learn how Carly and Janis built and run their matchmaking service, Amazon has their audio book.

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