Carly Spindel Blazes Trail As First Michigan Matchmaker To Launch Flash Match NYC For $5,000

Carly Spindel is the oldest daughter of America’s top matchmaker Janis Spindel and second generation of traditional matchmakers. In a brilliant move by Carly, she has launched an online matchmaking property that is designed for up and comer clients, future captains of industry and those that want a fast and efficient way of unique online dating.

Flash Match NYC is the do it yourself version of Janis and Carly Serious Matchmaking, using the same double screening process of members paying a one time $25 application and then an additional $250 for a one time meet and greet consultation. This process has generated 4,012 known marriages.

Once approved members and clients update their match preference on Carly’s private online database, the system generates suggested matches for clients using the systems algorithms. This is standard for any online dating app.

The competitive advantage of Flash Match NYC is once the system serves up suggested matches, since Janis and Carly personally met all clients and members, Carly can click on which members she suggests the client would be most interested in.

The client is sent those members private online profile photos to confirm he is interested. Once the client makes his selection, those members are sent the clients private online profile photo to confirm she is interested in meeting the client.

Once those members who have been selected by the client agree they will meet the client offline for an introduction, Flash Match NYC confirms its an introduction and mutually agreed upon contact information is shared between client and member. 

Carly created a Rules Book for Flash Match NYC that all clients and members must abide by when being matched and how to respond. Failure to abide by Carly’s rules, members private online profile will be purged.

For more information, please contact: 

Media @ janisspindelseriousmatchmaker.com

Janis and Carly own Michigan Traditional Matchmaking catering to men and women in Michigan. They deal with successful marriage minded men and women who are looking to get married. They are not a Dating service. Men pay anywhere from $25,000 for an instate search, to $1,000,000 for a world wide search that previously took Janis and Carly to 8+ countries. The type of man that retain the mother daughter team has everything money can buy. He has no problem dating women, as his resources stretch world wide.

A typical introduction from Michigan Traditional Matchmaking might entail him flying on his private jet to the woman’s home, picking her up and flying 2 hours to another part of the country for dinner and a show. Then flying back another 2 hours and dropping her off at her home. This is not uncommon for the type of gentleman that retain the services of Spindel Luxury Matchmaking. The second date is equally if not more impressive. Janis coaches her clients on how to move from the first date to the second date. From there, she continues to coach her client how to progress to the second and third date. Once he and his introduction or potential wife at this point pass the third date, Janis and Carly take a step back to see where it goes.

The type of women Janis and Carly vet and have in their database have the 4B’s. Beauty, brains, body and balance. This is a must and women must attend a meet and greet to make sure they are who they appear to be. Carly interviews 8-15 women at each meet and greet session to make sure they are marriage minded, understand the rules on how to conduct themselves when a gentleman from Janis and Carly call. This is key and the competitive advantage for Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel Michigan Traditional Matchmaking. Men are superficial and we are just the messengers and you can watch the Yahoo Finance video with Janis and Carly.

Carly Spindel writes for the Huffington Post and one of here many well read articles talks about how bad times in a relationship are a different story from the good times. Your love for your partner will be tested during bad times. Will your “honey” stick around and be by your side when things get really bad? Will your partner listen to you and attempt to understand whats going on with you? Will you each be an emotional rock for each other? These are the deep questions you should ask yourself.

If you want to know how Janis and Carly maintain their boutique matchmaking service, you can listen to the audio book on Amazon.

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