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The mother daughter San Diego matchmakers service of Janis Spindel charges celebrities, public figures and captains of industry starting at $600,000 to find love.  Together, they are responsible for 13 short of 4,000 marriages and are constantly spreading love throughout the country. Women pay $275 – $1,250 to become members. Men pay up to $1 Million for Janis and Carly. 

We are high end matchmakers in the age of dating apps. What better than a mother daughter matchmaking team. We are very different than the dating apps. Listen to a piece on Yahoo Finance with Janis and Carly.

The men that retain our services range from ages 26 – 80 and are more technical than 20 years ago. They want it now and fast and don’t appreciate nonsense. Their number 2 priority in life is finding love, directly behind good health. The women that become members of our matchmaking service are personally met with to make sure they are who they say they are. The men that retain our service are very private and won’t be found in public places. The men want a woman who has the 4B’s: beauty, brains, body and balance.

Here is an article of interest from our private library. Enjoy.

Dating 101: What Are YOUR Non-Negotiables?

Women of the world, it’s time to stop being push-overs. In the quest to wind up “Not-Alone” – not “happy,” not “in love,” just “Not-Alone” – I see women compromise on the big stuff every day. It’s one thing to be accepting of another person. Nobody is without flaws, right? But if you find that you’re just not happy with someone you’re dating – in a BIG way – it’s time to cut the cord. Read on and see if you’re being flexible, or just way too forgiving. It’s important that you realize: what are YOUR non-negotiables?

Flexible: He smokes when he’s drunk.

Non-Negotiable: He smokes 5 packs a day.

Smoking cigarettes was practically haute couture in the 60’s. Now, though, everyone realizes it’s practically the dumbest habit on earth. Sticks of cancer just aren’t hip anymore, and your man is no James Dean. But if he only takes a few puffs once every couple of months, it’s not the end of the world. So long as his drunken follies don’t turn into a daily addiction, it’s okay to be understanding – though if you want to scold him, I fully support you. If you realize that his sporadic nighttime goofs are slipping into the day time – or if you’ve been with him for a while, and he hasn’t let up on the smoking – you need to evaluate how much you value your lungs. Is your relationship worth the risks and the disgusting side effects that come with smoking? Yellowed teeth, yellowed nails, and a constant cloud of nicotine aren’t “in” this season, and they never will be. Is non-smoking one of your non-negotiables?

Flexible: He’s got a few female friends, and that’s okay.

Non-Negotiable: He’s got a harem of ex girlfriends that he sees regularly.

It’s not cool to control your man. Telling him who he can and can’t talk to, regulating his contacts, stalking his Facebook and reprimanding him accordingly… none of these things are okay for you to do. Trust is an integral part of a relationship, and if you’re not trusting a man you’re dating, that is NOT a good sign. So if he’s got some gal pals that he enjoys spending time with, do your best to get to know them as well, and this way, you can identify if there are any real threats to your relationship. Chances are, you’re safe.  However, if all of these “friends” are really just exes? This should be a HUGE red flag. Excuse the cliché, but technology has a way of connecting us with people that we used to be able to sever ties with. LinkedIn recommends half of your address book, Facebook suggests people we never even spoke to in high school, and phones are graveyards of relationships past. So it’s even easier for a person to keep an ex on the back burner… “just in case.” Um, that’s beyond “not okay.” So, there’s a fine line between trusting in his platonic relationships with other women, and giving the “OK” for him to keep in touch with a lot of exes. Is keeping in touch with exes one of your non-negotiables?

Flexible: He’s got a habit of showing up late.

Non-Negotiable: He’s NEVER on time, and he cancels… constantly.

With all of the timers, clocks, and devices that remind us where we need to be, and when, it’s pretty hard to be late. But once in a while, extenuating circumstances will get in our way: the subway is shut down, he overslept, he couldn’t get out of an awkward meeting with his boss. Late happens, and it sucks, but as long as he’s got a good reason and he’s apologetic, you should do your best to be sympathetic. But what if he’s never been on time? Like, ever? Or his idea of “making plans” is to ring you up at 3 am and apologize for bailing on your date, would you like to come to his place? It’s a simple rule of dating: don’t make anybody a priority, if they consider you an option. So what do you think? Is a complete lack of timeliness one of your non-negotiables?