Carly Spindel Combines Technology With $5,000 Matchmaking Using Flash Match NYC

 Carly Spindel grew up as America’s top matchmaker’s daughter listening in to evening phone conversations and observing face-to-face meetings with her mother and prospective clients. Years of exposure to the luxurious world of traditional matchmaking spawned the idea to streamline, customize, and develop technology with a lower barrier to entry. Flash Match NYC is just that.

 Flash Match NYC has found a wide-open market of $5,000 with four introductions. After extensive research and beta testing, Carly is launching her new matchmaking platform Valentine’s Day 2021.

As the Spindel matchmaking enterprise was started in 1993 on a yellow notepad, it is grown today close to 4000 marriages and a private online database of women that gentleman would never be able to meet on their own. The women who are members pay a one time $25 application fee if and only if the application is approved will their credit card be charged. The next step for members is to schedule a meet and greet for an additional one time $250 consultation fee.

Now the member is in preferred status and eligible to participate in Flash Match NYC. All our preferred members and clients have to do to participate in Flash Match NYC is receive a special link to logon to their private online member profile and update their match preferences. Once their match preferences are updated and they receive an email with the rules and regulations of how to play Flash Match NYC, the games may begin.

For more information on how to participate with Flash Match NYC, please email media @

Carly Spindel, Charlotte luxury matchmaking specializes in working with high net worth clients finding the woman of their dreams. Carly and her partner Janis Spindel have 4,012 marriages. It’s no secret to why they have such a high success ratio. Carly developed a proprietary system of using social media to attract the women who have the 4B’s. That’s beauty, brains, body and balance. Only the women who can demonstrate they have the 4B’s will be allowed into the Charlotte luxury matchmaking black book to be matched with billionaire clients that retain the Spindel team.

The process begins with women filling out a private application that only Janis and Carly have access to. It costs $25 and only if the women are approved, will their credit card be charged. Luxury matchmakers Janis and Carly approve about half of the women that apply. Their database is open to all women of all races, religions and political beliefs. The reason some women might not be approved is because Janis and Carly see women through the eyes of their clients. If they don’t feel a woman is match for one of their clients, they don’t accept the application and the woman’s credit card is not charged.

The next step in the process of getting deeper inside the Charlotte luxury matchmaking network, is to attend a meet and greet with 8-15 other women. The cost is $250 and Janis and Carly personally meet all women and answer any questions they may have. Carly and Janis make sure the women that attend the monthly meet and greets are emotionally available, not gold diggers and are ready to find a successful marriage minded man. This leads to being happy for the rest of their lives. Yes, love should be your #2 priority and listen to Janis tell you about it at Yahoo Finance. 

Carly Spindel is a contributing editor for the Huffington Post and here is one of her dating tips that might apply to you.

Being funny is always a good thing and it makes men more attractive to women. It’s not documented in the archives of human behavior as a science, it’s a fact. All of the women Carly has interviewed mention they appreciate when a man is witty, can make a woman laugh and most importantly, women will view men as awesome.

Listen to the new audio book on Amazon, how to run a $13 million dollar a year matchmaking agency by Janis Spindel.

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