Carly Spindel Confirms Flash Match NYC Beta Test Ready For $5,000 Matchmaking With Future Captains Of Industry

The type of man that retains the services of matchmakers Janis and Carly Spindel, understands what outsourcing means.  

The clients that come to matchmakers like the Spindel’s outsource everything in their lives. They have assistance, administrative assistance, executive assistance, and now America’s top matchmaking team of Janis and Carly Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc.

With that said, Carly built a matchmaking technology property where selected clients can pay $5,000 and receive four introductions with women that he’s requested to meet, who viewed his private online member profile and agreed to meet off-line. In other words, they both viewed each other’s profile photos that Janis and Carly know are accurate and agreed to meet off-line. One of the competitive advantages of the Spindel matchmaking team is every member is met in person to confirm they look like their private online profile photo. Carly feels there is a wide-open market with matchmakers charging $5,000 for four introductions where both the client and member previewed each other’s private online profile photo and agreed to meet off-line.

The system that Carly is using for her matchmaking online is a combination of algorithms from members completing their match preferences, and Carly glancing over at those suggested matches to make sure they are in fact appropriate in her opinion. Carly has been beta testing Flash Match NYC since 2016 with selected clients and a majority of those clients renewed for a second round of introductions.

In essence, this type of client is engaging in a do it yourself matchmaking service with the same women that men pay $500,000 to be matched with.

“There is a tremendous amount of background work that is done before, during, and after each introduction with my VIP clients who pay me $1 Million,” states Janis Spindel. Carly takes the position that many of her younger up and comer clients want to meet the same women Janis’ million-dollar clients are meeting. So Carly designed Flash Match NYC exactly for that purpose. It’s a do it yourself with Carly overseeing each match suggestion, with the same women Janis’ clients are meeting. One of the keys to success that Carly is using is Smart Match App CRM to run the technology on. Smart Match App won the 2017 iDate award for best matchmaking CRM. “I find people with technology that are smarter than me and outsource them, the same way Jack Ma of Alibaba does,” Carly proudly refers to. 

Flash Match NYC is currently $5,000 for 4 introductions. For more information, contact media @

In an effort to retain the title of the number 1 luxury matchmaking service, Janis and Carly Spindel have rebranded their company. The competition with new matchmakers deciding to enter the business is growing and thats a good thing for Janis and Carly.

While the other matchmaking services are chasing the same clients, offering discounts to men as an incentive to hire the matchmakers, Atlanta elite matchmakers have gone in the opposite direction. Janis claims she is a leader and not a follower. By following, others have tried to replicate the proprietary process that Carly Spindel set up many years ago as she joined her mother. This proprietary process has proven to be a winner. There are no other luxury matchmakers doing what Carly and Janis are doing.  If you want to listen to an audio book where Janis shares her process, Amazon has it.

When a man is interested in hiring the Spindel’s, it’s written in stone that either Janis or Carly or both must go on a simulated date with a prospective man client to see how he handles himself. The ladies observe how he treats them at dinner, how the man treats the waiter, how he engages in conversation and most importantly, if he is realistic with his expectations. Once the simulated date is over, both the prospective client and the Spindel’s decide if they want to work together. Once that is decided, a home visit to the mans home is done to see if he is who he says he is and how he lives. That is one of the main distinguishing factors to their success.

While most men believe just because they are financially secure, they are entitled to be introduced to a woman 20-30 years their junior. There is nothing further from the truth when a man begins to explain to

at dinner that they are looking for a woman 20 years younger. As the Atlanta Elite Matchmakers explain, that is not what their luxury matchmaking service is about. Many times they will refuse to take money from a client. Often that client will seek the services of another matchmaking agency. Janis claims that over 65% of those men come back to the mother daughter team and find an appropriate wife. This has a been the pattern since 1993 when Janis first incorporated Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking Inc. Captains of industry still exist and retain the luxury matchmaking services.

Janis Spindel has interviewed hundreds of thousands women looking for love. Janis is known to speak her mind and this is what Janis talks about when describing men:

Men fall in love through their eyes, as they are visual. This makes them sort of shallow and superficial. On the other hand, women fall in love listening with their ears, as they are concerned with the mans overall package, his personality and how he treats the ladies when out.

If a man treats the waiter or waitress with respect, he will most likely treat you with respect. If a man is engaging and takes interest in getting to know more about you and is really listening to you, those communication skills are paramount for a relationship.

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