Matchmaker To All Matchmakers Janis Spindel Dominates The $5,000 Matchmaking Space With Flash Match NYC

The old saying “from new women come new men” has proven itself with live wingman mixers by Janis and Carly Spindel. Now their latest genius move is Flash Match NYC for $5,000.

In today’s online dating and traditional matchmaking space, it has become very crowded and noisy with all the matchmakers chasing the same demographics and same clients in metropolitan areas. That’s where Flash Match NYC for $5,000 and 4 introductions or $10,000 with 10 introductions is an untapped market, especially when you combine technology and a real live mother daughter matchmaking team.

Carly is spearheading Flash Match NYC and it works like this. Those wanting to become members of the Spindel love connection must go through a double screening process. The first step is to pay a one time $25 application fee and if approved, the new members credit card is charged. The next and most important screening process is to pay an additional one time $250 meet and greet consultation fee to make sure members are who they say they are. This has been a major plus for Carly, as her clients love and respect the idea that members must go through a double screening process that is difficult and costly. That the members have a vested interest in finding a successful marriage minded man to be happy with for the rest of their lives.

Once a member, the women can update their match preferences to allow Carly’s private online database for clients and members to suggest matches. Once a group of suggested matches are placed in the clients private online match suggestions, Carly does something no other online dating company can do. How does Carly know that? Because and Janis Spindel were in conversations about hiring a real live matchmaker to oversee premium membership.

There is a trend today for big online dating companies to outsource matchmakers to match their premium members. Carly and Janis have been doing just that since 1993 with 4,012 known marriages and for $5,000 Flash Match NYC, that is exactly what the client gets. Clients of Flash Match NYC can be matched with the same members clients pay $25,000 – $1 Million dollars for.

Once Carly makes her final selections, the client is sent photos of the members private online profile and when the client makes his selection of members he wants to meet, Carly simply goes click click and those members are sent the clients private online profile photo to confirm she will meet the client offline for an introduction.

It’s that simple. For each member that confirms, Carly clicks once more and the preferred method of contact is shared with the client and member to connect and move offline. Carly sends the client and member Flash Match NYC rules to abide by. Carly maintains strict policy that Janis Spindel has been using since 1993.

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Nashville  matchmaking services of Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel commands $600,000 for her Celebrity VIP service and $1 Million Dollars for her Global VIP. These VIP men are given the opportunity to find the love of their life, as Janis and Carly have 4,012 marriages to date.

Janis and Carly get people married. For women wishing to enter the world of Spindel Matchmaking, you must prepare yourself. First, it’s essential to prepare yourself mentally to make a good match. This means you have to focus on what’s important to you in a relationship and in a man. Carly and Janis can also prepare women physically as well. Appearance and health are two non-negotiables when it comes to being ready to find a successful marriage minded man.

Women must look good, be presentable and be sexy so you feel good about yourself and that attracts men. Women should know who they are and what they are looking for in a relationship and marriage before searching for a man. Janis wrote the book Get Serious About Getting Married from Regan Books. One of the main points for women is not to find a man and get married for the sake of being married. You don’t want to spend years wasted in a relationship with the wrong man, hoping they will change. They don’t. Write down on a piece of paper the top 5 things you would like about your soul mate.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, establish your dating boundaries upfront. Be safe and smart.

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