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Carly Spindel Delivers Flash Match NYC $5,000 Matchmaking For A Lower Barrier To Entry

Since 1993 when Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking was founded, the goal of Carly Spindel was to produce and deliver award-winning matchmaking opportunities at a lower barrier to entry.

Flash Match NYC was created to allow a more diverse, upscale, and well-educated clientele to benefit from a matchmaking model that was created for millionaires and billionaires. Ever since its inception in 1993, Carly has been creating different platforms for this more diverse, upscale, and well-educated clientele to benefit. Flash Match NYC is available for $5,000 with 4 introductions. Due to popular demand, Janis and Carly are giving an additional Flash Match NYC value to clients for $10,000 with 10 introductions.

The Flash Match NYC matchmaking uses the same double screening process for its members where the first step is to pay a one-time $25 application fee. If approved, the member’s credit card is charged and the next step is to pay an additional $250 for a required meet and greet small group consultation to make sure the members look like their private online profile photos and they are who they say they are. Our clients love that our members have a vested interest and sincere interest in finding a successful marriage-minded man to be happy for the rest of their lives with.

Additionally, we make it known that our millionaire and billionaire clients pay anywhere from $25,000 up to $1 million for a global VIP love tour with Janis and Carly. Those clients get matched and introduced to the same members that might be matched and introduced within the $5,000 and $10,000 Flash Match NYC program. Of course, the process is very different.

The process for Flash Match NYC is that of a do it yourself model. Once our members update their match preferences on their private online profile with Janis and Carly’s database, those members are eligible to be matched with our Flash Match NYC clients. When a client signs up for Flash Match NYC and updates their match preferences on Janis’ private online database, the systems algorithm delivers a set amount of potential matches. Carly then oversees the systems algorithm and makes sure the members that Carly met are appropriate for the client. Keep in mind that all clients are met with Janis and Carly before retaining their services. Again, this is the ironclad matchmaking process that the Spindel mother-daughter team has developed and has accounted for 4,012 marriages since 1993.

During our beta test with Flash Match NYC, Carly experienced 100% success with clients being matched with members. In a few situations, it worked out so well that several of the clients renewed more than once with Flash Match NYC and are in relationships today.

For more information on how to participate with Flash Match NYC, please email media @

Las Vegas matchmaking service of Janis Spindel reveals her secrets on how and why she charges wealthy men up to $1 Million Dollars to find a wife. Since 1993 when Janis first started her luxury matchmaking business, there are 4,012 reported marriages. As Janis states very clearly, there is no price to put on finding the woman of your dreams and starting a family. Men know this and once they meet Janis, they are convinced she can find them love.

There is a big difference between finding love and finding a woman to romance. Men need to know the difference and that is Las Vegas elite matchmaking service passion and she does it very well. The starting fee to retain the Spindel’s is $25,000 and goes up to $1,000,000 for a world wide love tour. The world wide love tour that the Spindel’s recently completed took them to 8+ countries, private fashion shows on is yacht and lunch and dinner parties with groups of women that Janis and Carly feel would be a match for him. In fact, to balance out the field, the men usually bring a few male friends on the yacht events to balance the ratio. If you want to learn the real secrets behind Janis and Carly’s upscale matchmaking service, download the audio book on Amazon.

Women who want to be part of this wild and crazy lifestyle must pass the test. Part of the test is to apply online to the private database that only Janis and Carly have access to, pay a one time $25 to get approved and then pay another $250 to meet the matchmakers in person at a meet and greet held monthly in many cities. This gives Janis and chance to make sure the women are marriage minded, have been read the rules of matchmaking and handle the first phone call. You don’t have to live in a major city to benefit from Janis and Carly. Listen to the Yahoo Finance video.

Ultimately, women want to fall in love. We want someone who makes us feel special and important. Carly Spindel publishes articles on Huffington Post dating tips and one of her tips is making sure when you leave the house for the day, you are well put together and presentable. This reflects to others that you value yourself and your appearance.

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