Las Vegas

Las Vegas Elite Matchmaking Services of Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel Are Doing It Again

Las Vegas elite matchmaking agency of Janis Spindel reveals her secrets on how and why she charges wealthy men up to $1 Million Dollars to find a wife. Since 1993 when Janis first started her luxury matchmaking business, there are over 3,700 reported marriages. As Janis states very clearly, there is no price to put on finding the woman of your dreams and starting a family. Men know this and once they meet Janis, they are convinced she can find them love.

There is a big difference between finding love and finding a woman to romance. Men need to know the difference and that is Janis’ job and she does it very well. The starting fee to retain the Spindel’s is $25,000 and goes up to $1,000,000 for a world wide love tour. The world wide love tour that the Spindel’s recently completed took them to 8+ countries, private fashion shows on is yacht and lunch and dinner parties with groups of women that Janis and Carly feel would be a match for him. In fact, to balance out the field, the men usually bring a few male friends on the yacht events to balance the ratio.

Women who want to be part of this wild and crazy lifestyle must pass the test. Part of the test is to apply online to the private database that only Janis and Carly have access to, pay a one time $25 to get approved and then pay another $250 to meet the matchmakers in person at a meet and greet held monthly in many cities. This gives Janis and chance to make sure the women are marriage minded, have been read the rules of matchmaking and handle the first phone call.